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Hire an Integrator to Create a Truly Connected Smart Home

Don’t let DIY mishaps stand in the way of enjoying whole-home automation with a centralized home control solution

Hire an Integrator to Create a Truly Connected Smart Home

So you’re ready to upgrade your Vancouver, WA, house into a fully automated smart home? At Encore Audio Video, we applaud you! Home automation provides so many incredible benefits to your lifestyle — comfort, convenience, luxury, energy efficiency, and time-saving advantages, to name a few.

Here at Encore Audio Video, we recommend hiring a professional integrator to install your smart home, whether you already have some smart devices or you’re just starting in the home technology sphere. Setting up hardware, wiring systems, installing software, and integrating all your smart devices to communicate can quickly become overwhelming as a DIY project.

Our techs can help you design and install a fully customized smart home with centralized home control using an automation system like Control4. Keep reading to learn why you should contact the professionals for a truly connected home!  

Why Control4 Is the Ideal Choice for Your Smart Home

Talking Points from a Leading Control4 Dealer in Portland, OR

Why Control4 Is the Ideal Choice for Your Smart Home

Take control of your home with Control4. If you want to have a smart home, choose the best home automation system on the market. Using a subpar or cheap system will certainly be costly in the long run.

When you go with a Control4 system, you partner with a top provider of automation and networking systems. Encore Audio Video is proud to be a leading Control4 dealer in Portland, OR. We’ve been installing their systems and products for many years.

Still, you may be wondering, “What sets Control4 apart from other integration systems?” We’re glad you asked! Read our blog or listen to our latest podcast episode to see why Control4 is our go-to system.

Use Automated Scenes to Make the Most of Your Smart Home System

Pre-set scenes for your smart devices make everyday routines simpler and faster

Use Automated Scenes to Make the Most of Your Smart Home System

If you have a smart home system in your Lake Oswego, OR, home, then you know how smart technology makes your daily activities faster, easier and more convenient. But are you taking full advantage of your system? If you have multiple smart products under one system, then you can create automated scenes that utilize all your devices more efficiently.

A scene is a sequence of actions activated by the touch of one button or one voice control command. You can create automated scenes to simplify and streamline sets of mundane tasks that you perform every day. Your smartphone, tablet or on-wall keypads will store all your scenes for you to access at any time. Need an example? Keep reading to learn 3 of the most convenient scenes you can make with a smart system.

Control4 is the Conductor of Your Smart Home Orchestra

The Right System Improves Your Whole Life

Control4 is the Conductor of Your Smart Home Orchestra

If you are looking at smart home technology options around Portland, OR, you may run into a fair amount of hyperbole. There are smart devices that all but promise to change your life, thermostats that know when you’re home and when you’re not, and lights that can turn into a rainbow of colors. All of those devices may do wonderful, innovative things, but do any of those things by themselves make your life better? 

A smart home may have many smart devices. You have probably heard of many of them; smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart security cameras, smart locks, and many others. You may even have one or two of them, like a Nest thermostat. Beyond having remote control of a device via an app, the way these devices start making your life easier is when they all start working together to fit the way you live—demanding less of your attention, automating routine functions, and making time available for more important things. 

That’s where Control4 smart home automation comes in. It orchestrates all your smart devices into a cohesive, manageable system that works for you.