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Deciding on the right company to install your Control4 smart home automation system is essential—learn more

Enjoy Effortless Living in a Control4 Smart Home

Don’t Let Fear of Technology Get in the Way of Luxurious Smart Home Living

Enjoy Effortless Living in a Control4 Smart Home

Do you wonder what it’s like to live in an automated home? Are you hesitating to bring smart home technology into your new build or upgrade your current residence due to past experiences with unreliable technology?

That’s where Control4 and Encore Audio Video come in. Our smart homes are customized to your specific needs, integrating all your smart devices and systems under one reliable platform that’s easy to use. 

Let's explore the creation of a Portland, WA, smart home.

Control4 Makes Your Home More Intuitive

Add Convenience and Luxury with Smart Home Solutions that Complement Your Lifestyle

Control4 Makes Your Home More Intuitive

Control4, founded in 2003, is a leading provider of innovative and intuitive control systems for home automation systems like distributed AV, smart lighting, climate control, security and surveillance, motorized shading and more. The company has long been recognized for its cutting-edge solutions, user-friendliness, reliability and personalization.

Your home is a complex ecosystem consisting of entertainment, security, lighting, climate control, and more. Control4 understands how to build the relationship between you and the devices in your home using intuitive and sophisticated control interfaces. A complete smart home adapts to your needs, desires, and lifestyle, not the other way around.

Keep reading to learn how you can make your Lake Oswego, OR home more intuitive with Control4 automation.

Introducing Chime: The Video Doorbell Designed for a Control4 Smart Home

Feel secure, connected and in control by integrating Chime into your Control4 home

Introducing Chime: The Video Doorbell Designed for a Control4 Smart Home

The holiday season has arrived early for all our Control4 fans. This October, Control4 released two exciting new products, including the sleek and ultra-intelligent Chime video doorbell. The timing of this release couldn’t be better. As we enter the frenzied holiday season, you likely have a long list of gifts you’re ordering online that need to be delivered to your Lake Oswego, OR, home.

The Chime video doorbell is a smart and customizable solution to keep your home safe and deter porch pirates this year. Along with delivering all the security features of a video doorbell, Chime was built to integrate flawlessly with your Control4 smart home. Keep reading to learn all about this amazing new product from Control4.  

Why You Should Experience Control4 Home Automation Before You Buy

Come to Our Showroom to Learn How Control4 Automation Can Simplify Your Busy Life

Why You Should Experience Control4 Home Automation Before You Buy

Control4 is a system that can interconnect all your home’s technology so you can operate it from a smartphone app, sleek on-wall keypad, dedicated tablet, or via voice command using a smart speaker.

Control4 is a company that has been at the forefront of designing smart home systems since the early 2000s. To date, they have integrated and designed home systems in over half a million houses around the world, and their systems are now compatible with some 35,000 different household devices.

At the end of October, Encore Audio Video will be hosting their “C4 Yourself” event where they will be demonstrating for you all of C4’s amazing home automation features including two brand-new products that the company is releasing.