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What’s It Like to Work with a Media Room Designer?

Encore Audio Video Is the Premier Entertainment Expert You Can Count On

What’s It Like to Work with a Media Room Designer?

Your home is your oasis from the rest of the world, and it should be where you can relax and take your mind off stress. To make your property in the Vancouver, WA, area a true hub of stress-free living, you should look at your home entertainment. 

With the help of a media room designer like Encore Audio Video, you can transform how you spend your downtime! Continue reading to discover more about the process of working with a professional audio/video team. 

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Initial Media Room Consultation

When our team meets with you, we’ll ask several questions to determine your entertainment preferences and needs. We do this to understand how you plan to use the entertainment space, and we’ll explain what’s possible with a modern media room design. This consultation clues us into which types of AV solutions will suit you best. Plus, we’ll discuss your project's scope, budget, and timeline.

Design & Engineering

Once we come to a mutual understanding of what your media room should look like and how it should perform, our systems design and engineering teams will find a balance between functionality, reliability, and aesthetics for the end result. We’ll spend considerable time fleshing out all of the details to ensure products, wiring, layout, and installation locations will work now and for future upgrades. By working alongside your home builders, architects, and interior designers, we’ll be coordinated to produce the perfect entertainment experience!

Project Implementation

Once you’ve signed off on our systems designs, it’s time for our project management team to get started. Parts ordering, team coordination, and excessive communication are at the heart of managing your media room project. We’ll begin with critical wiring and home networking needs that serve as the foundation of your system, then continue working on the rest of your future entertainment oasis. 

Programming & Calibration

Impeccable programming skills are necessary for orchestrating every connected device in your media room. Shades, lighting, TVs, speakers, and more come together to create an area that can entertain, relax, enthuse, and otherwise make your next gathering with friends and family a blast! Instead of operating disparate systems with various remotes, apps, and keypads, you can use one comprehensive AV system interface that controls everything. Our team will also ensure that everything is calibrated for the best listening, viewing, and gaming experiences possible. Your media room is designed to make life more interesting, not complicated.

Post-Installation Support

Once your media room project is complete, our team is still here for support, ensuring scheduled maintenance and system optimization are taken care of as needed. Our maintenance and support plans ensure you’re always covered in case a technology issue arises, so you don’t have to stress about downtime right before a movie premiere or the big game!

Your Trusted Media Room Designer

From multifunctional media rooms to home theaters and whole-home automation, the Encore Audio Video team is here for you every step of the way. Chat with our team at the bottom of your screen, or contact us here to start a conversation about your technology needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!