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Encore Audio/Video is a company of people who live, breathe and dream about technology. In fact, we're so crazy about audio/video, we're on a mission to share our passion with as much of Portland, the Northwest, and the world as we possibly can.


Our people make the difference.


Audio/Video Consultant

I’ve worked in the audio/video industry for more than 22 years—in sales, design, project and general management, and custom installation. For me, it’s all about making the client’s experience fun and easy, while combining top-notch products and performance with service and support. With so many wonderful solutions to choose from at Encore Audio/Video—including theater, house audio, smart home integration and networking—my job as a system designer becomes that much more enjoyable when I’m able to offer a perfect solution custom-tailored to a client’s specific needs. I’m thrilled to be part of the Encore team and to share my experience and design-oriented vision with my clients. Not to mention showing off all of the amazing state-of-the-art products that Encore Audio/Video has to offer!


Audio/Video Consultant

My personal mantra is “audio/video made simple.“ When I first started at Encore Audio/Video, we carried four or five brands; now we carry over 35 different electronics manufacturers. With the landscape more complex than ever, I love to navigate and distill the best solution for each client, taking into account budget and scope of the project, as well as providing industry-leading service and support. If you are in need of audio, video, shades, home automation or network solutions, we can help. Along with delivering the best picture and sound, my goal is to make your system uncomplicated and easy for everyone to use. I look forward to helping you and making Encore Audio/Video part of your next project!


Installation Technician

I started my career in the tech field, which grew out of my hobby of building computers. Working at Encore Audio/Video has given me an exciting new outlet to explore a different spectrum of electronics. Emerging technology is what drives me and keeps me focused. In my time here at Encore, I've become a Control4 Tech II-certified programmer, and I look forward to using my knowledge to enhance my clients' A/V experience.


Installation Technician

I started my career in AV and Home Automation in 1999 and I am fascinated with the direction that the industry has taken and the exponential level at which the technology is evolving. After spending 8 years as a licensed electrical contractor on the east coast, I decided to come to the Pacific Northwest after visiting a friend who lives here. Since moving here in 2001, I have been involved with many key technologies that are a part of our portfolio and I love using my knowledge and expertise to make our clients' home automation and audio/video dreams a reality. Being Control4 certified, as well as having obtained many other industry-specific certifications, I look forward to the many exciting opportunities on the horizon of our rapidly advancing industry.