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Clark and Jeff are the highest caliber service people with an extreme depth of knowledge about the products they sell. Exactly who you should be talking to if you want quality A/V.

Kyle Eckhart

Encore has been my go-to source for AV hardware, installation, advice, research, and both in-home and remote service for six years. Designers Clark von Trotha and Jeff Grove are friendly, customer-focused walking encyclopedias of information on home entertainment and home automation. Their technicians also know their business and seem able to solve any problem I have hooking up gear and making it work. I intend to continue doing business with Encore as long as I own a house.

- Avon Murphy

When it comes to home theater these guys are among the most knowledgeable guys in Portland. But, that's not why I love this place. Being an audiophile or a video geek is one thing, being a great business is another. Encore Audio / Video is both. Last week I went in looking for a $200 Audioquest Dragonfly DAC. They had been back ordered for several weeks. Proprietor Clark von Trotha went to his desk pulled out his own Dragonfly and offered it to me. A few weeks earlier I needed a subwoofer cable. Both Clark and Jeff Grove spent as much time with me and my $50 cable as they would have if I were buying $100K speakers. This is not because these guys hand nothing better to do. It is because they know that the $250 in purchases I have made in the past month have bought them a customer for life. They treated me with the same respect that they treat everyone who walks in the door. In doing so, they have guaranteed that when I buy my next system, whether it be with $2000 or $200,000, they will be the ones to sell it to me. That is because they respect every client and view us all as partners in our love of sound and images. I highly recommend Encore and I'm very glad I stumbled in.

- Steve Bilow

The staff is extremely passionate about sound and very knowledgeable. Prices might appear higher, but when balancing costs for the item and shipping, its the same as ordering from an online retailer. Encore stands by their products. The only drawback is their showroom is not as extensive as their actual inventory.

- Crystal Gupta

Very Knowledgeable;excellent customer service.

Brian Trafficante

I recently moved to Washington state, owned a $2500 streaming music player and my remote control was lost. My player was worthless unless I could get another remote. I checked the distributor and Encore Audio/Video was listed as a dealer for The Cocktail Audio X40 that I owned. I spoke with Clark, a very concerned professional store employee who said that he would order me the two remotes that I wanted. After our initial talk, he even called me back with an additional question. Since he told me that in order to help out he would not charge the usual markup and all this, as if I had purchased $10,000 worth of gear. His attitude was so refreshing and took me by surprise so I decided I would write some words that would give their future customers a glimpse into what kind of service they might get if they actually bought something from this store, Wow is all I can say, clark was great, I can't thank you enough.

law of humanity

Super Knowledgeable and efficient! Great to work with.



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