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Explore the ultimate in high-end audio components and systems for your Portland home.  See just how good your music can sound. 

How to Choose Headphones for a High-End Audio Experience

Tune out the world and tune into great music, movies and audiobooks with high-quality headphones

How to Choose Headphones for a High-End Audio Experience

Whether you’re a casual music listener or a dedicated audiophile, you need a good pair of headphones. Headphones are a lifesaver when you have a long commute to work on public transportation in Portland, OR, a four-hour plane ride ahead of you, or just a busy household where silence is a rare sound.  

On a recent Northwest Business podcast episode, Jeff Grove and Clark von Trotha of Encore Audio Video discussed how to choose the right headphones to enjoy high-end audioHere are a few considerations to keep in mind when you’re selecting a new pair for yourselfAnd don’t forget to listen to the podcast here! 


The Last Bastion of Pure Analog Audio Bliss


To the traditional purist audiophile, digital technology is a Johnny-come-lately to the world of audio. Many of these audiophiles have resisted the onslaught of digital audio, preferring the unfiltered directness and the warmth of pure analog audio, with no digital circuits and processing in the mix. 

For these enthusiasts, A/V receivers are fine for movies, but they simply won’t do for pure stereo listening.  These audiophiles prefer separate components, to optimize every part of the signal path. For turntables, they employ high end phono preamps and cartridges to extract that last ounce of sound from every note. They will use separate preamplifiers and amplifiers with nary a digital connector in sight.  They will employ speakers that require ample amounts of wattage to drive, so that budget electronics simply won’t suffice.  And they will spend almost as much money on high-quality cables to connect it all up.