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Articles in Category: Whole Home Audio

Encore Audio Video can design and install a custom whole home audio solution in your home. Contact us at 503-224-9400 for a consultation.  

Whole-Home Audio Brings High-Fidelity Music to Every Room

A Distributed Audio System Delivers Superior Sound to Every Corner of Your Home and Yard

Whole-Home Audio Brings High-Fidelity Music to Every Room

Can you imagine your “relaxing” playlist streaming through your home when you walk in the door after a long day at work? How about enjoying the big game on your patio with friends or swimming laps to Coldplay? In another part of the home, a family member tunes into their afternoon podcast while someone else is entrenched in a video game.

The remarkable part of this scenario is that all of these sounds are coming from your whole-home audio system—a system that distributes audio from the same sources to every room and into your outdoor space. This system consolidates your audio components, whether a turntable, streaming device, satellite receiver, or CD player, and allows you to control them all from one user-friendly platform. A distributed audio system lets you play any music in any room from any source.

3 Spaces Where Whole Home Audio Will Rock Your World

Get ready to boot scootin’ boogie everywhere on your Lake Oswego property

3 Spaces Where Whole Home Audio Will Rock Your World

With whole home audio, you can set your entire day to music, no matter where you are in the house. In a multi-room music setup, a central music player supplies sound to wired or wireless speakers in any (or every) room where you want to listen to music, talk show radio, audiobooks or podcasts. A multi-zone system allows you to play different music in each room or the same music in several or all rooms.

The best part of a whole home setup is having centralized control over all your music sources. You can use the smart device of your choice — like a smartphone app or tablet — to connect and play multiple sources, like streaming services, CDs, music libraries or even vinyl records.

Consider all the places in your Lake Oswego, OR, home where you’d like to enjoy music. Need some help? Read on to learn three spaces where multi-room music will add delight to your daily life. 

Encore Audio Video Presents: How Do You Want Your Sound to Look?

Listen to our latest podcast about sound system aesthetics on the Northwest Business radio show

Encore Audio Video Presents: How Do You Want Your Sound to Look?

How do you want your sound to look? That’s the question Jeff Grove and Clark von Trotha posed for their latest podcast episode on Northwest Business radio show. They explored solutions for how customers can achieve an amazing aesthetic with their whole home audio system in Portland, OR.

Keep reading to learn more about how Encore Audio Video combines interior design and sound design to create visually appealing audio systems without compromising on sound quality — or better yet, listen to the podcast yourself!