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Protect Your Property and Loved Ones with Smart Home Security

Smart Security Protects Your Home from Theft and Environmental Damage

Protect Your Property and Loved Ones with Smart Home Security

We have a lot of good things to celebrate in our society. People are living longer, enjoying better health, and improving their lives, thanks to advanced technology. In addition, there’s some good news for our local area. Compared to 2021, the number of violent crimes in Portland in the first half of 2022 declined. Unfortunately, the bad news is that the number of local robberies rose dramatically, according to the Business Journal.

However, you can protect your home and family in Portland, WA, with today’s smart home security systems. In fact, homes without a security system are 300% less likely to be the target of burglars.

Let's explore what today's integrated intelligent security systems offer.

Enjoy Immersive Surround Sound with Sony Home Audio

Sony’s Signature Soundbar and 360 Reality Audio Offer the Ultimate Immersive Sound Experience

Enjoy Immersive Surround Sound with Sony Home Audio

You’ve probably heard of Sony Entertainment, Sony Pictures, and Sony Electronics. There’s not much in the entertainment industry that this brand does not encompass. What’s telling is that they sit on both sides of the entertainment fence. As movie producers with a film library exceeding 3,500 titles and creators of some of the best TVs and projectors, they also offer the best audio performance on the market.

Sony knows the effort directors put into the final cut and understand the technology that creates the immersive, lifelike cinematic experience. From the first compact disc and wireless speaker setup to 360-degree audio, they’ve remained on the cutting edge of technology since their inception in 1969.

In 2021, Sony home audio added to their elite production line, creating a new flagship soundbar and 360 Reality Audio. Let’s explore the brand’s latest creations and what they can offer your home in Vancouver, OR.

Bring Music and Movies to Life with a Surround Sound System

Experiencing the Ultimate Home Theater Surround Sound

Bring Music and Movies to Life with a Surround Sound System

When you envision your designated home theater, do your thoughts turn to the wall-sized screen and the lifelike images that immerse you in the latest movie? For many people, this is their first concern and an important one. 

What some consider an even greater element in the immersive cinematic experience is the theater surround sound. This system engulfs you, taking you into the setting. It's critical for disentangling from the world for a while and journeying to another place in time. If your movie takes place in the Amazon rain forest, you’ll hear the birds overhead, the rustle of the leaves off to the right, and feel the howler monkey’s call echo through you. 

Today’s surround sound systems come in many shapes and sizes. Let’s explore the makings of these systems that bring movies and games to life in your Camas, WA, home theater.

Illuminate Your Home Effortlessly with Smart Home Lighting

Set the Stage for Every Occasion with One-Touch Control

Illuminate Your Home Effortlessly with Smart Home Lighting

Smart home lighting has dramatically changed how we brighten our homes. Gone are the standard light switches that turn lights on and off in one room. Today’s lighting offers much more than “wall acne” and one-colored lights used for tasks and general lighting for a room. 

A smart home lets you control your lighting from elegant in-wall keypads, touchscreens, and remote controls. One touch of a button turns off every light in your home or illuminates just one room. And these lights can be tuned to any color, more than a million, enabling homeowners to create a mood for every occasion.

This, and so much more, is possible with smart home lighting. Let’s explore the possibilities.