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Your smart home security system sends alerts via mobile devices, including text and live video camera feed. Check in on your home and manage it from anywhere.

Home Smart Security Systems Provide Peace of Mind 24/7

Explore the Latest Features in Today's Home Security

Home Smart Security Systems Provide Peace of Mind 24/7

Of the many technologies available to homeowners, home smart security systems are one of the most in demand. It's great to have lights that transform at the touch of a button and shades that rise automatically at dawn, but knowing your family is safe supersedes those smart home benefits.

Thanks to smart technology, today's security systems have evolved dramatically. In addition to traditional security devices, such as surveillance cameras and motion sensors, they integrate smart door locks, automated lights, instant alerts, and two-way audio. No longer a reactive measure providing video images after a crime has occurred, they offer proactive security that can stop theft before it happens or keep young children from getting into out-of-bound areas. 

And, if Fido likes to find your slippers when you leave him home alone, they can help with that, too. Let's explore a few of the many features in today's smart security for your Portland, WA, home.

Protect Your Property and Loved Ones with Smart Home Security

Smart Security Protects Your Home from Theft and Environmental Damage

Protect Your Property and Loved Ones with Smart Home Security

We have a lot of good things to celebrate in our society. People are living longer, enjoying better health, and improving their lives, thanks to advanced technology. In addition, there’s some good news for our local area. Compared to 2021, the number of violent crimes in Portland in the first half of 2022 declined. Unfortunately, the bad news is that the number of local robberies rose dramatically, according to the Business Journal.

However, you can protect your home and family in Portland, WA, with today’s smart home security systems. In fact, homes without a security system are 300% less likely to be the target of burglars.

Let's explore what today's integrated intelligent security systems offer.