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Add Convenience and Comfort to Your Life with Home Automation Installation

Create a functional, luxurious, and energy-efficient space with smart home automation

Add Convenience and Comfort to Your Life with Home Automation Installation

What’s so smart about living in a smart home? You probably already know to some degree or another. If you have a TV, smart light bulbs, or a home security system, then you understand the convenience of controlling these technologies via a remote or smartphone. But what you may not realize is home automation can be so much more than that!

Instead of piecemealing your smart technologies, a robust home automation system integrates everything, so you enjoy complete control, remote access, and so many other benefits. Read on to learn the top advantages of home automation installation in your Vancouver, OR, home.

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Complete Home Control

Instead of manually managing your home’s features - such as using cords and rods to adjust shades, flipping switches to turn on lights, and using multiple remotes for different technologies - automate and control them from one central hub. For instance, you can preset the lighting, shading, and other features, so they self-adjust based on your requirements. Most smart home systems are intuitive and can adapt to your daily preferences. Moreover, you can also benefit from wall-mounted touchscreens, tablets, and a fully integrated smartphone app to control every connected technology in your home. Control it all with a single tap of your finger!

Remote Access

You don’t have to be home to turn on the lights, view security camera footage, or lower the motorized shades. Automation systems allow you to access your home remotely. Everything is possible with a smart home system. If you’re away from home on vacation, open your smartphone and check in on your home. With internal and external surveillance cameras, you’ll see everything in living color. In fact, if a friend or family member needs to access your home, you can unlock the doors remotely. If you want to give your home the appearance of occupancy, tap a few buttons to the raise shades, lower them, and adjust the lights.


Did you know that an automation system makes your home more energy efficient? The lighting system, shades, and HVAC system can self-adjust based on natural light and temperature. For instance, during the day, your lights dim automatically as the motorized shades open to utilize natural light. After sunset, the shades lower, and your home’s lighting system turns on. And, of course, with the use of motorized shades, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard - saving your energy. 

Home Entertainment

An automation system not only makes your home convenient but also more enjoyable. You may have a 4K TV that allows you and your family to enjoy movies and TVs in brilliant color. But do you have a home theater that provides an immersive entertainment experience? What about a whole-home audio system that streams high-end music in every room? And outdoor entertainment is enhanced to the fullest with outdoor TVs and speakers.

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