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Experience a Day in the Life With Motorized Window Treatments

Explore how you can use smart shades to complement and enhance your daily activities

Experience a Day in the Life With Motorized Window Treatments

Homeowners often encounter one of two problems with manual shades and blinds in their homes. One, you have so many windows that it’s overwhelming to open and close the shades regularly. Or two, you waste more time than it’s worth manipulating the shades and blinds multiple times during the day.

Motorized window treatments are the answer to both those problems. With a smart motorized system, you can access and control all your shades and blinds from a smart device like a smartphone app or remote. There are no pesky strings or cords, and you can raise and lower shades to the precise level you desire.

Motorized shades make it easy to enjoy natural lighting in your Vancouver, WA, home. Keep reading to explore how you can use your shades during a typical day at home!

Be a Master of Light with Motorized Window Treatments

Protect Your Home and Save Energy without Sacrificing Style

Be a Master of Light with Motorized Window Treatments

We are blessed with a mild climate in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Our winters may be wet but they are not overly cold; our summers are gloriously sunny. As much as we love our summer sun, sometimes it feels overwhelming, quickly heating up our houses on the hottest days.

Is it warm enough for air conditioning? Air conditioning is a great convenience for some occasions, but we are fortunate in that it's not a dire necessity here, unlike other parts of the country. However, there is a smart way to control the heat -- by managing the amount of summer sunlight that enters your home. Motorized window treatments might seem like a luxury - they certainly are luxurious - but they’re also a great way to control light and its effects. Read on to learn more about how to be the master of light in Camas, Washington, by using motorized shades and window treatments.