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5 Components to Include in Your Home Theater Installation

Create the Best Cinema Possible with These Premier Solutions

5 Components to Include in Your Home Theater Installation

A custom home theater is the pinnacle of home entertainment. They can provide a cinematic watching experience that rivals even the most advanced public movie theaters. You might think a home theater is made up of only audio and video solutions, and while those are important, you can integrate many smart technologies into your theater. Other smart solutions help provide a truly luxurious watching experience. Here are five smart technologies you should consider including in your home theater installation in Oswego, WA.

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1. Video

When crafting a home theater, you will naturally want a crystal-clear and larger-than-life picture. A home theater integrator like Encore Audio Video can set you up with 4K or 8K TVs from leading companies like Sony. Or, for an authentic theater experience, choose a 4K projector and premium projection screen from Stewart Filmscreen. They create a variety of screens that are retractable, fixed, curved, and much more.

2. Audio

Now that you have a stunning display, you’ll need immersive audio that draws you into the movie. Triad creates stellar in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker solutions that will deliver a booming, engulfing sound that is discreetly tucked away. The surround sound effect will make you feel like you are in the entertainment instead of just watching it.

3. Motorized Shades

Motorized shades may not seem like a typical home theater solution, but they play a very important role. To get the vivid colors you want from your display, you’ll need to limit the lighting in the room. Blackout motorized shades from Lutron will ensure no light sneaks in to throw off your video. Plus, they’re easy to control—close your shades with the touch of a button as you prepare to settle in for a fantastic cinema experience. 

4. Seating

Now that you have the AV of a theater, you’ll need custom theater seating! Salamander Designs creates premium, customizable theater seating crafted for total comfort, whether upright or reclined. You can choose the style of chair, color, fabric, and much more to get exactly what you want. They’ll recline just like theater seats, giving you the full theater experience in style and comfort.

5. Automation

Finally, you’ll want to be able to control all the technology in your home theater. An automation platform like Control4 will allow you to close your shades, dim your lights, and queue up a movie within seconds. Control4 integrates all the technology in the room into one platform so that total control is right at your fingertips.

Are you ready to start your home theater installation in Oswego, WA? Contact Encore Audio Video today! We are an experienced home theater integrator and have partnered with many leading brands in AV and home theaters to provide unique solutions to every customer.