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Introducing Chime: The Video Doorbell Designed for a Control4 Smart Home

Feel secure, connected and in control by integrating Chime into your Control4 home

Introducing Chime: The Video Doorbell Designed for a Control4 Smart Home

The holiday season has arrived early for all our Control4 fans. This October, Control4 released two exciting new products, including the sleek and ultra-intelligent Chime video doorbell. The timing of this release couldn’t be better. As we enter the frenzied holiday season, you likely have a long list of gifts you’re ordering online that need to be delivered to your Lake Oswego, OR, home.

The Chime video doorbell is a smart and customizable solution to keep your home safe and deter porch pirates this year. Along with delivering all the security features of a video doorbell, Chime was built to integrate flawlessly with your Control4 smart home. Keep reading to learn all about this amazing new product from Control4.  

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Features and Benefits

Chime is a robust, feature-packed doorbell with two-way audio, a high-definition camera, clear low-light vision, and a 180-degree field view. One of the things we love most about Chime is the customizable motion zones. Chime uses motion sensors to detect movement on your property, and you can program up to 5 zones with customized sensitivity control. That means you only receive notifications when someone is on your porch or at the door, instead of getting false alerts from a passing car or flying bird.

When someone does breach your motion-controlled zones or ring the bell, Chime will take a quick snapshot and send a notification to your smartphone. You’ll know instantly when a package is delivered, even if the delivery person leaves it on the porch without ringing the bell. When someone does ring the doorbell, you can see and talk to them using your Control4 smartphone app or a touchscreen tablet inside your home.

Control4 also allows you to store and save images and videos taken by Chime for up to 7 days. Now you can go on vacation knowing that even if an incident occurs while you’re away, you’ll have saved video evidence for future use if you need it.  

Seamless Integration With Your Control4 Smart Home

The Chime video doorbell was specially designed to be an integral part of your Control4 smart home. Integrate Chime with smart security, lighting, audio/video, climate, motorized shades, and more in one easy-to-use system that you can control with a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, or handheld remote.

If you’re at work and a package arrives at home, you can do so much more than talk to the delivery person through Chime. Unlock the front door, disarm the alarm and turn on the hall light from your smartphone so that the delivery person can set your package safely inside. For comprehensive home protection at night, integrate Chime with outdoor lighting and other security devices to deter potential intruders. If someone steps into one of your motion parameters, Chime will immediately begin recording and send a notification to your phone. At the same time, outdoor lights will turn on, doors will lock automatically, and the security alarm will activate.

With Chime video doorbell as part of your Control4 smart home, you’ll experience greater security and more control over your home and safety.    

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