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Why You Should Experience Control4 Home Automation Before You Buy

Come to Our Showroom to Learn How Control4 Automation Can Simplify Your Busy Life

Why You Should Experience Control4 Home Automation Before You Buy

Control4 is a system that can interconnect all your home’s technology so you can operate it from a smartphone app, sleek on-wall keypad, dedicated tablet, or via voice command using a smart speaker.

Control4 is a company that has been at the forefront of designing smart home systems since the early 2000s. To date, they have integrated and designed home systems in over half a million houses around the world, and their systems are now compatible with some 35,000 different household devices.

At the end of October, Encore Audio Video will be hosting their “C4 Yourself” event where they will be demonstrating for you all of C4’s amazing home automation features including two brand-new products that the company is releasing.

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Home Automation Makes It Easier to Control Your Entertainment Systems

Since Control4 works with so many different components and brands, a Control4 system can integrate many of the devices you may already own. This allows us to customize a smart home automation system that suits your unique needs.

Control4 is an ideal solution for turning your home entertainment system into a fully automated home theater or a dedicated listening room.

If you have many different remotes controlling several different devices or even a master remote, Control4 can integrate their functions in a much simpler way.

Control4 will connect all your entertainment systems so that by simply pressing a button on your smartphone or tablet, or by voice command, all can be simultaneously activated.

Let’s say you want to enjoy a movie with friends and family. As you walk to your home theater, you tell your smart speaker “It’s Movie Time.” Not only do your overhead projector and speakers power on, but your lights also dim and your floor lights illuminate, providing a completely automatic and realistic theatrical experience.

You’ll also have the capability to connect all your TV screens and audio speakers throughout every room in the house to one interface, creating a multi-room system. If you were watching a show in the living room and want to switch to the bedroom, you can switch rooms instantly. The same goes for all your music from whatever streaming platform you use.

Save Money and Energy on All of Your Home Systems

Home systems like your thermostat can be programmed so that when the temperature changes outside, your AC will react accordingly. This eliminates situations like kicking off the covers at night when it gets too hot or having to get up to change the thermostat.

With Control4 lighting integration, you’ll be able to see which lights are on and turn them off from your smartphone, speaker, or tablet, or we’ll help you program your lighting devices so that you can decide which interior and exterior lights are turned off and on at specific times of the day. This can be great for security reasons, especially if you’re going away on vacation and you want to program your system so that it appears there is someone inside your home at all times.

An extremely practical use of Control4 is to use it to automate your security system. You’ll be able to see what doors are locked, if your shades are drawn, and whether your garage doors are shut. All of which can be operated from a control panel on your wall or from an app on your smartphone.

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To see all this home automation in action, come to our showroom at the end of October for the C4 Yourself event. We’re located at 14th and Everett in downtown Portland. Or contact our team of installation experts here to get started. We would love to hear from you!

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