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Transform Your Home & Outdoor Areas with Sonance Speakers

Sonance Speakers Deliver High-Fidelity Sound to Home Theaters, Whole-Home Audio, & Outdoor Areas

Transform Your Home & Outdoor Areas with Sonance Speakers

Did you know that you can experience crystal-clear high-performance audio drifting through your home and outdoor spaces without seeing the source of the sound? As homeowners' demands for high-fidelity audio that didn’t mar their home’s aesthetics intensified, audio manufacturers began their quest to deliver the ultimate architectural speakers. 

Sonance speakers were one of the first on the market, and the company is now recognized as the inventor of the invisible and architectural speaker category. It is the only company to win 11 highly coveted CEDIA awards for the “Best New Product” and has been recognized by architects and interior designers.  

These speakers are designed for varying applications, including home theater surround sound and outdoor entertainment. Let’s explore the possibilities and see why homeowners in Portland, OR turn to Sonance and Encore Audio Video for their smart home entertainment.

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The Immersive Home Theater Experience

Think about one of your favorite movie scenes. What brings it to life? Is it the brilliant colors and life-like realism, or is it the sound you can feel and hear? When the boat is engulfed in stormy seas, the sound immerses you in the experience. The howling storm rages around you, and the waves crash over you. 

Sonance makes this surround sound possible with its purpose-built speakers designed for movies, concerts, and gaming. Their architectural speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers deliver a wide soundstage and best-in-class sonic performance while blending seamlessly with your home theater’s design.

In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers for Whole-Home Audio

Your whole-home audio system delivers high-fidelity sound throughout your home via nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Sonance’s invisible series offers unparalleled acoustic performance from a hidden speaker. When carefully calibrated and installed, the music or audio fills the air, seemingly coming from nowhere and everywhere.  

In 2019, Sonance acquired James Loudspeaker, a world leader in high-performance audio solutions. Their speaker solutions deliver the ultimate entertainment experience with minimal visual presence and have long been a go-to-brand for exclusive homes and upscale marine applications.

A Blanket of Sound in Your Outdoor Space

For those who enjoy lounging by the pool, grilling and outdoor dinners with friends, or watching a movie or the big game under the stars, outdoor audio offers unrivaled relaxation and entertainment. 

Sonance landscape series offers the same incredible audio outdoors as their indoor counterparts. Strategically placed satellite speakers and buried subwoofers provide perfectly even coverage. This sound system is the leader in high-fidelity audio for outdoor spaces, from outdoor patios to massive estates.

When integrated with your home automation system, you control your whole-home audio and video from the same platform that manages your lighting, climate, security, and more. One tap can turn on your landscape lights to the color of sunset, start the grill, and immerse your home and yard in a beautiful melody.


At Encore Audio Video, we’re committed to providing our clients with best-in-class audio-video solutions that enhance their everyday lives. To learn more about home entertainment and your many options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Encore Audio Video today.