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Add Complete Home Entertainment with a Video Installation

Experience Music & Movies Like Never Before, Anywhere in the House

Add Complete Home Entertainment with a Video Installation

Entertainment from music and movies are vital components of your life; they add motivation, inspiration, and soothe the soul during stressful times. Your luxury lifestyle demands a home entertainment system that exceeds your expectations by delivering the highest quality content anywhere you desire.

Whether you rock out in the den, add energy to the game room, or get lost in a 90s Rom-Com in the backyard, a smart video installation system from Encore Audio Video delivers unparalleled experiences.

Are you curious about what is possible in your Oswego, OR home? Keep reading below to discover more.

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The Cinema Experience at Home

Modern movies are an immersive experience, deftly blurring the lines between reality and the story on screen. A home theater brings the excitement and joy of a movie house right to you.

Today's projectors and displays rival and often surpass the quality of better multiplexes. As a result, you can watch in stunning 4K ultra-high-definition with wide-screen visuals, millions of true-to-life colors, and superior contrast. In addition, new adaptive technologies understand how you see, generating rich detail, making the film even more immersive.

It has been said that the storyline of a great movie can be understood without sound. While this concept may be genuine, surround sound drives the emotional power, making us cheer or cry- often at the same time. With a properly calibrated system, you can hear the softest buzz of bees and feel the power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Make More of Your Music

Humans' relationship with music goes back at least 40,000 years and has been shown to involve nearly every region of the brain. The deep connection and enjoyment should not be left to a flawed system; you want true audiophile quality that brings out every nuance.

Having complete access to a world of songs does not mean you have to settle for bland boxes that interrupt your home's architectural lines or décor. Listen with speakers with paintable grills that lay flush to the surface or install invisible in-wall drivers that fill a room with music that appears to come from nowhere and everywhere.

It's Better Outside

The ability to share time, food, and conversation in the backyard are the privileges of homeownership. Just because you move outside does not mean you have to leave the luxury and convenience of your smart home behind. 

Revel in the natural sunlight and greenery with an audio system designed to produce crisp, clear sound in wide-open spaces. Generate atmosphere and groove without needing excessive volume. The speakers blend into your architecture and landscaping, leaving you to admire the blue of your pool and splashes of color from flowers, not the technology.

Outdoor TVs, built to withstand the elements, pests, and the ever-present humidity, generate super bright images that can be seen even in direct sunlight. So enjoy the game at your outside bar, or delight the family with a movie under the stars.

A More Entertaining House

Bring you home to life with superior entertainment technology. Are you ready to create a more joyful home? Call us at 503-224-9400 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation.