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Experience a 360-Degree Soundscape in Your Home Theater

JBL Synthesis Delivers the Ultimate Surround Sound System

Experience a 360-Degree Soundscape in Your Home Theater

Have you been considering creating a space at your Camas, WA, home where you can enjoy the latest movies, binge watch your favorite Netflix series, or simply relax and listen to high-fidelity music surround you?

At Encore Audio Video, we specialize in designing and engineering home theaters that provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. To accomplish this, we partner with some of the best brands in the business. One of these is JBL Synthesis.

Let’s explore how this cutting-edge brand transforms rooms into incredible home theaters.

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The JBL Brand

JBL Synthesis began its journey about 75 years ago when James B. Lansing started creating some of the best speakers in the world. In 1969, they were the chosen speakers for the now-famous Woodstock Music Festival. Then, in 1983, Lucasfilm chose JBL to produce the first commercial THX-licensed cinema speaker system.

Today, the company makes one of the most advanced multi-channel audio systems designed for the smallest, intimate home cinemas to the sizeable private home theaters found in expansive estates. In addition, their audio components are some of the most widely used in high-end theaters and multiplex cinemas nationwide.

A Customized Solution

JBL’s advanced electronics include multi-channel amplifiers, surround-sound processor preamplifiers, and digital equalizers. Their specialized equipment enables our certified technicians to scale your system to meet the demands of any size room and guarantees even coverage.  

Their loudspeakers offer high-fidelity performance through their patented D2 compression driver and over 5-inch aluminum woofer. The high-definition imaging horn geometry delivers smooth and even sound dispersion throughout any size room. In addition, the strategic installment of their in-wall subwoofers provides an evenly dispersed deep bass that impacts the viewer.

Once we install and customize a system for you, we’ll expertly calibrate it so that every seat in the room is the best seat for an exceptional sound experience.

The Immersive Sound Experience

JBL’s patented technologies deliver an immersive, accurate sound that the company is known for. To create a 7.1 surround sound system, we may install center speakers behind the screen, side in-wall speakers, and in-ceiling speakers. Applying JBL’s technology, we can create a nearly perfect 360-degree soundscape.

The result is an immersive sound experience that surpasses the best cinemas around. As you watch a movie, you’ll experience the planes flying overhead, the cars zooming from the left of the screen to the right, and find yourself at the center of an enveloping storm.  

At Encore Audio Video, we’re proud to partner with this leading-edge company that defines the best in home theater design. Their dealers and integrators are carefully selected and must meet their exacting standards, including experience with engineering premium multi-channel audio solutions.

When combined with Sony’s X-Reality Pro picture engine that optimizes color, contrast, and textures, resulting in the ultimate true-to-life picture, you’ll experience a home theater that surpasses your wildest dreams.

To learn more about home theater design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Encore Audio Video today.