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Have the Best Summer Possible with Outdoor Speakers

Let Encore Audio Video Transform the Entertainment Possibilities in Your Backyard!

Have the Best Summer Possible with Outdoor Speakers

Warmer weather in the Pacific Northwest brings a slew of fun entertainment options to your back patio and yard, but it takes more than traditional indoor speakers and TVs to last outdoors for any extended period of time.

If you’re in Lake Oswego, WA, Encore Audio Video is here to support all of your outdoor entertainment needs. Take a look at our blog below to discover the best outdoor speakers you can incorporate into your outdoor spaces.

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Our Favorite Outdoor Speakers

The Sonance Landscape and Garden Series is a great solution for small and large properties alike due to its scalability. Small but mighty satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers comprise a Sonance system, and you can start small and add speakers over time, or our team can help you design a robust system from the get-go. Music blankets your yard and entertaining spaces, so your next gathering is a blast for every guest. There’s no need to crank up one speaker on the patio to blast to every corner of the property, either. With expertly placed speakers playing at a lower volume throughout your yard, the sound evenly covers seating, playing, and lounging spaces without disturbing the neighbors.

Built to Last

It may be warm now, but the weather is known to get quite cold here as well! Temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, salty air, and snow are no match for Sonance outdoor speakers. From -20 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, the components of these speakers are built to last for years to come. The delicate interior electronics are protected with triple-sealed enclosures and waterproof connectors. Whether you stake these speakers into the ground or mount to tree limbs or pergolas, you’ll experience the best sound quality available!

Simple Control

Your backyard spaces will sing with the simple tap of a finger on your favorite smart device. Using your smartphone, a tablet, or an outdoor-rated smart AV remote, manage the audio sources, adjust the volume, and send whatever you’re playing in one section of the house to your patio or pool area in seconds. Our AV experts can also incorporate the outdoor speaker system into your existing multi-room audio system, so there’s no need to learn how to use an entirely new system from scratch or juggle through multiple remotes and apps. 

Your Outdoor AV Partner

The Encore Audio Video team is your best partner when you want to achieve fun and exciting outdoor entertainment experiences! Chat with us below, give us a call at (503) 224-9400, or connect with us here to start a conversation about your upcoming AV project - we can’t wait to hear from you!