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Make the Most of Your High-End Speakers!

5 Acoustic Considerations for Your New Sound System

Make the Most of Your High-End Speakers!

Making an investment in high-end speakers is quite the decision for your home entertainment experience. But if you’ve gone ahead with this incredible audio upgrade, taking a look at the acoustics in your listening spaces is essential to putting your investment to work.

Keep reading for some of our audio/video team’s tips and techniques for controlling the acoustics within a room so you can enjoy the best sound quality possible from your high-end speakers!

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1. Add Acoustic Panels

One of the most common ways to control and improve the sound performance of your speaker system is by adding acoustic panels to the walls and ceilings. These panels absorb sound waves, reducing echoes and reverberations from traveling throughout the space and ruining what could otherwise be a stellar sound experience. There are many different types of acoustic panels available, ranging from traditional foam panels to more aesthetically pleasing options like fabric-covered or decorative wood panels.

2. Seating & Furnishings

Seating placement can have an impact on the way your favorite songs and movie scores sound, too. Large pieces of furniture like sofas or bookcases can help absorb the sound, preventing it from bouncing around the room and sounding muddled. Strategic furnishing placement helps break up large, hard surfaces like walls or floors. It’s also an opportunity to add a touch of class and your unique stylistic tastes throughout your living spaces. 

3. Carpets and Rugs

Hard flooring surfaces like hardwood and tile can contribute to poor acoustics by reflecting sound. Adding carpets or rugs can help absorb and reduce echoes and reverberations, ensuring home theaters and media rooms can adequately envelop you in exciting movie and TV show scenes. 

4. Room Dividers

In larger rooms, décor elements such as room dividing screens can help break up the space visually while simultaneously improving acoustics. This can be especially helpful in open-concept living spaces or multi-purpose media rooms, where the sound from your high-end speakers would otherwise dissipate across a larger area and not sound as great as they’re designed to sound.

5. Considering Room Layout

Finally, the layout of a room can significantly impact the sound emanating from your speakers. For example, a square room’s walls can create standing waves that cause echoes and distortions. A more irregularly-shaped room, on the other hand, can more adequately break up these waves, enhancing sound quality.

Wondering where to start with acoustic treatments for your listening spaces? At Encore Audio Video, we strive to bring our clients high-performance audio/video solutions. Making your speakers sound great with acoustic treatment is only one of the exciting things we can help you achieve! 

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