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Experience Effortless Living with Whole-Home Automation

Enhance Your Everyday Life in a Smart Home

Experience Effortless Living with Whole-Home Automation

As smart technology expands, many people integrate connected devices into their homes. Some popular smart items include locks, video doorbells, light bulbs, and thermostats. As they experience the ease and convenience one product offers, they expand their home’s “smart” circle. In the process, they also end up with separate apps that control each device, a setup that can lead to frustration. 

A whole-home automation system brings the many disjointed devices together. All your smart systems and devices are now controlled from one user-friendly platform. This level of integration also allows your smart devices to communicate with each other, creating a smart home that’s genuinely “smart.”

Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they enhance the lives of homeowners in Oswego, WA. 

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Creating the Connected Smart Home

At Encore Audio Video, we partner with Control4, the leading brand in home automation. Founded in 2003, it entered the smart home arena when it was still in its infancy and now manages over 15 million connected devices worldwide. Control4 integrates with over 35,000 third-party devices, which means it controls virtually everything in your home, making it easy to create a customized smart home that manages your day-to-day activities effortlessly.

This platform manages your lighting, shades, HVAC systems, home entertainment systems, security, pool and spa, and more. You experience one-touch control by tapping a button on an elegant in-wall keypad, choosing the room and device on a touchscreen, using a handheld remote, or through voice commands. 

Pull up the app on your smartphone when you're away from home and enjoy instant connectivity. Before you return, you can adjust the temperature, heat the spa, turn on the landscape and entryway lights, and stream your “Welcome Back” playlist, ensuring the perfect environment upon your return.

The Extremely Bright Smart Home

An intelligent home also sets the stage, creating the perfect environment for numerous occasions and events without any effort on your part. We can program preset settings, enabling your smart home to prepare itself when you wake up, return home, go to bed, and enjoy movie night. For example, in the morning, we can program the shades to raise, the temperature to adjust, and your favorite news station to appear on your kitchen TV as it rises from the counter. With tunable lighting, your lights brighten to the color of the rising sun and transform throughout the day before settling into the color of the setting sun when the evening arrives.

Setting the Perfect Scene

We’ll also program preset scenes that further personalize your smart home. These set the stage for every occasion. Do you regularly have friends and family over or entertain business partners? We’ll program a scene for each, one that customizes indoor and outdoor lighting, climate, music, and shades.

At Encore Audio Video, we’ve been enhancing the lives of our clients with the latest audio, video, and home automation technology for over 30 years. Are you ready for the ultimate smart home experience that offers effortless control? To learn more about the possibilities in today’s whole-home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Encore Audio Video today.