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A 4K TV From Sony Offers an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

Experience Shows and Sports Like Never Before with Technology That Focuses on How and Where You Watch

A 4K TV From Sony Offers an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

What creates a superior viewing experience in your Portland, OR home? While a great media room can inspire you to sit down and watch, if the audio-video technology cannot exceed your expectations, the experience is lacking. The right 4K TV makes all the difference.

At Encore Audio Video, we cannot stop looking at the latest offerings from Sony. The company, known for its high-end AV products, has unveiled new features and cognitive processing to its TV line. All of this means that you will get unparalleled image quality.

Keep reading to see how Sony's newest cutting-edge TV can take your smart home entertainment to the next level.

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A Legacy of Innovation

Sony has been bringing high-quality video to luxury homes like yours for over 40 years. From having a leading role in creating home media formats to being at the forefront of the home theater movement, the company jump-started several parts of the industry. In addition, Sony was a vital player in developing today's high-definition video starting in 1980 for Japanese broadcaster NHK. 


The Sony line of TVs is acclaimed for reproducing content with hyper accuracy and realism, bringing the content creator's intent to life. The newest offerings now integrate the amazing XR engine into monitors up to 88 inches. The XR processor adds a more human perspective to image processing. The video engine uses an advanced understanding of how our brains see, hear, and process audio and video

When looking at objects around us in the real world, our eyes focus on a central item that frames our reference. Sony's new 4K TVs cross-analyze the video, detecting the scene's focal point then enhancing that element. The result is a video with a more natural field depth, creating a profoundly immersive experience. 

Watch sports in an entirely new way, with clear images that do not smear or distort with the fast-paced action. With football season now in full swing, you can enjoy every angle and every intense close-up as if you are right in the middle of the action. 

Home-Centric, Cinema Quality

Sony televisions change the way you see movies and enjoy sports. Are you looking for the best 4K video technology to add to your home? Experience it for yourself by scheduling a visit to our certified showroom. Call us at 503-224-9400 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation! 

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