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3 Spaces Where Whole Home Audio Will Rock Your World

Get ready to boot scootin’ boogie everywhere on your Lake Oswego property

3 Spaces Where Whole Home Audio Will Rock Your World

With whole home audio, you can set your entire day to music, no matter where you are in the house. In a multi-room music setup, a central music player supplies sound to wired or wireless speakers in any (or every) room where you want to listen to music, talk show radio, audiobooks or podcasts. A multi-zone system allows you to play different music in each room or the same music in several or all rooms.

The best part of a whole home setup is having centralized control over all your music sources. You can use the smart device of your choice — like a smartphone app or tablet — to connect and play multiple sources, like streaming services, CDs, music libraries or even vinyl records.

Consider all the places in your Lake Oswego, OR, home where you’d like to enjoy music. Need some help? Read on to learn three spaces where multi-room music will add delight to your daily life. 

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The Bedrooms

In a busy household, your bedroom is a great place to relax, unwind and take some time for yourself. With multi-room audio, you can listen to music while you get ready in the morning and knock out a few chapters of your audiobook while you get ready for bed. You can even schedule music to start playing at 6:00 a.m. every day as an alternative to the annoying beep of an alarm clock.

With a distributed audio system, everyone in your family can listen to music in their bedroom and control song selection, playlists and volume using a smartphone app or touchscreen tablet. When your audio system is installed by a professional like Encore Audio Video, we’ll calibrate the equipment in each room to ensure that that sound doesn’t bleed through to other rooms and disrupt someone else’s listening experience.  

The Kitchen

Gain more enjoyment from cooking and baking by playing music while you chop veggies or mix cookie dough. A romantic playlist can help you and your spouse feel connected while you cook a meal together. And blasting the soundtrack to Moana adds even more fun to an afternoon spent baking and decorating cupcakes with the kids. With high-fidelity speakers that are calibrated to deliver optimal performance, you’ll still be able to hear your favorite songs over the sounds of the mixer, running water and children’s laughter.

And don’t worry about spilling food or splashing cooking oil on your expensive speakers — we have in-wall and in-ceiling options to keep your countertops clutter-free. You can control all the music in the kitchen using a smart device of your choice or a voice assistant like Alexa or Google when your hands are filled with dough or sticky from cupcake frosting.


Why limit the music to indoors? At Encore Audio Video, we can add your back patio, pool deck or backyard as another zone in your multi-room system. When the weather is nice, enjoy conversation and a pre-dinner glass of wine with your spouse on the patio while listening to soft music. During summer, the right playlist is essential for a rocking pool party.

When you partner with a professional integrator, we’ll help you find weatherproof speakers that hold up to rain, wind and snow, and integrate your outdoor audio with the rest of your whole home setup. That way, you can use a single smart device to access and control all the music in your home, indoors and out.

Whole home audio is an investment the entire family can enjoy. And at Encore Audio Video, we’ll work with you to design a custom solution that will satisfy everyone in your Lake Oswego, OR, household. Call us, fill out a contact form, or start a live chat with a representative today!

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