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The Last Bastion of Pure Analog Audio Bliss


To the traditional purist audiophile, digital technology is a Johnny-come-lately to the world of audio. Many of these audiophiles have resisted the onslaught of digital audio, preferring the unfiltered directness and the warmth of pure analog audio, with no digital circuits and processing in the mix. 

For these enthusiasts, A/V receivers are fine for movies, but they simply won’t do for pure stereo listening.  These audiophiles prefer separate components, to optimize every part of the signal path. For turntables, they employ high end phono preamps and cartridges to extract that last ounce of sound from every note. They will use separate preamplifiers and amplifiers with nary a digital connector in sight.  They will employ speakers that require ample amounts of wattage to drive, so that budget electronics simply won’t suffice.  And they will spend almost as much money on high-quality cables to connect it all up. 

For these audiophiles, vinyl is the last stand for purely analog sound sources. The phonograph, invented over a century ago by Thomas Edison, has been enjoying a renaissance of late.  A few years ago, new recordings on vinyl were difficult to find, but today many artists are releasing special editions on vinyl, and high-quality presses of old favorites have also been reissued. There has been a resurgence in turntable manufacturing, from supremely affordable budget models for a new generation of listeners to masterpieces of engineering and design for audiophiles.

For the picky audiophiles who want the best – and you know who you are – we have a turntable for you. 


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The Mark Levinson 515

Mark Levinson is a highly-regarded top-end Hi-Fi brand that has been in business for over 45 years.  Known for their high-end electronics, the 515 is actually the first turntable to carry the Mark Levinson name.  It is designed and built in partnership with VPI, a company known for its high-quality turntables that have manufactured in the U.S for over 40 years.    

The 515 is a tour de force of engineering and design.  It sports a belt drive, highly stable 20-pound aluminum platter, and a high-tech 3D-printed tonearm.  At $10,000, it can be the centerpiece of your critical listening two-channel rig.  It also looks the part of the high-end component, with a heavy polymer-core chassis and machined aluminum feet.  At 58 pounds, this is no ordinary turntable.  It will make your vinyl collection sound the way the way the artists and recording engineers intended, with nothing added and nothing taken away. 

Complete The System

To match the looks and performance of the 515, consider a couple of complementary Mark Levinson components.  The No. 52 top of the line  preamplifier is one of those components that pairs well with the 515 turntable. It isolates all the analog circuitry in its own chassis, preserving the purity of the analog signal path.  Pair that with a 532 stereo amplifier that pumps out 300 watts per channel, enough to drive even the most inefficient, demanding speakers to rock-concert sound levels.  While we’re on the subject of speakers, The Revel Ultima 2 floor standers would complete this ultimate system – and be a perfect match in performance and design. 


Are you ready for the best audio you’ve ever heard?   Reach out to our team today; we’d love to build the ultimate high-end audio system for you. 

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