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Work with a Smart Home Company to Simplify Your Life

Elevate Everyday Living with Home Automation

Work with a Smart Home Company to Simplify Your Life

For over 30 years, Encore Audio Video, a smart home company and audio-video expert serving Vancouver, WA, has created smart homes that provide effortless enjoyment. Our goal? To delight and amaze our clients with easy-to-use automated technology and the latest home entertainment.

Here, we’ll explore the makings of an automated home and why our clients often wonder why they didn’t take the plunge into smart home living sooner.

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The World of Limitless Technology

People hesitate to integrate home automation for many reasons. For some, it’s the idea of adding more technology in a world where we sometimes feel bombarded. Today, we’re more connected than ever, whether searching online, receiving emails and text messages, exploring social media, or streaming our favorite playlists. 

We understand. Technology can feel overwhelming, seemingly complicating our already busy lives. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating smart homes that enhance your ease of living instead of detracting from it. It’s one of the reasons we partner with Control4, the home automation platform that gives you fast and effortless control over your entire home.

A Control4 smart home lets you manage your climate, lighting, motorized shades, security, entertainment, pool, and spa from the device you're most comfortable with. That may be a beautiful, high-resolution touchscreen, handheld remote, in-wall keypad, or via voice commands. 

From one user-friendly interface, select your favorite playlist, turn the lights on in the living room to the color of the setting sun, and lower the shades just by pressing the ‘Relax’ button. In addition to one-touch control, your smart home can manage your lighting for you, changing in response to the changing light outdoors.

Managing Your Home from Anywhere

You can also use your smartphone app to control your home from anywhere. Did you forget to lock the front door when you left in a hurry? A quick peek at the app will tell you if it's locked, and a quick tap will lock it if it’s open. Did you receive an alert that movement was detected by the front door? Check the security cameras on your mobile device to determine the cause.

Is it Friday date night? Tap the ‘Date Night’ icon on your smartphone, and your home prepares itself for you and your partner in advance. Arrive home to beautiful landscape lighting, patio and kitchen lights that resemble golden candlelight, a heated spa, and the ‘Romantic’ playlist streaming through your home and outdoor areas. 

Enjoying the Best Home Entertainment

Are you tired of looking for remotes? Do you want to experience high-resolution video and audio in every room? Whole-home AV distribution and Control4 can make that happen, and it's all controlled from the same device. Control4 also integrates with thousands of electronic devices like Apple TV, Roku, Blu-Ray, Sony, and Samsung, providing effortless control of your home entertainment.

Are you ready to explore the nearly limitless options in today’s smart homes? We provide customized, scalable solutions designed for your lifestyle and needs. To learn more about smart home living or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Encore Audio Video today.