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Why Control4 Is the Smart Choice for Home Automation

Go with a Control4 system to maximize the potential of your smart home

Why Control4 Is the Smart Choice for Home Automation

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a home automation system already, or you’re interested in installing one. But as the number of smart devices in our homes grows, the importance of a reliable control system grows right along with it.

That’s why you need a Control4 system to wrangle your disparate systems. Control4 is an industry leader in creating powerful, comprehensive, easy-to-use home control systems. A Control4 dealer like Encore Audio Video can set up one of these systems for you. Here’s why a Control4 system is the ideal solution for residents in Oregon’s Portland region.

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Most automation systems will involve devices made by different manufacturers, but those devices all need to talk to each other. It’s essential that your home control system can interface with all these devices because it’s what ties everything together.

For example, in your home theater, you want your display to talk to your speakers and your lighting control system. This way, you can turn on your TV and speakers and dim the lights with one command, and it’s your control system that helps make that happen.

The engineers and programmers at Control4 have worked hard to solve this very problem. Control4 systems work with tens of thousands of devices across a wide range of manufacturers. The easy integration capability of Control4 systems also means that if you decide to upgrade your automation system at a later date, you can still manage all your devices.


Control4 is also dedicated to continually improving their products. Their recent OS 3 update includes many changes, both large and small, to their control software.

Using the new Favorites system, you can designate individual rooms or activities and access them in seconds from your remote’s home screen. You can also get faster access to your favorite apps by adding, removing and rearranging the icons on your control device. Favorites are also specific to individual control devices. This means you can have specific actions or rooms saved to your smartphone and separate favorites on a remote, wall panel or other device.

OS 3 also introduced a plethora of quality of life improvements for Control4 system owners. OS 3 now offers support for Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) music streaming services. The app icons on the home screen have also been modified to make them bigger and the text easier to read. There are also new filtering options in the interface to see the status of individual systems like your lights, security system, and more.

When it comes to smart home control systems, choosing a Control4 dealer like Encore Audio Video is the obvious choice. If you’d like to learn more about our Control4 solutions, call us at (503) 676-6945, visit us online or leave a message in the chat box in your browser.

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