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The Essential Elements of Home Theater Design

Bring the Cinema Experience to Your Home with Stunning Images and Superior Sound

The Essential Elements of Home Theater Design

If you are a genuine movie fan, you understand the power of films to move you. It is one of the few mediums that can make you laugh, cry, and cheer with unabashed joy, often all at the same moment. The craft of filmmaking has become the most influential format around the globe in less than a hundred years.

An art form with this much import and history deserves a proper place to watch it. Home theater design demands close coordination with the architects, designers, builders, and most importantly – you. Our process involves considering and reviewing all the factors of a room that may affect how the technology is implemented.

Our goal is to ensure that the results exceed your expectations. Are you ready to explore the possibilities of an ultimate movie experience in your Portland, OR smart home? Read below to find out more.

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The Room’s Relevance Revealed

The space you dedicate to watching has a significant impact on the quality of your viewing experience. Whether you are looking to recreate the romance of vintage movie palaces or a more modernist take, the shape, size, and decor affect how you see and hear the film.

Creating the optimal room requires an educated understanding of how light, sound, and humans interact in the room. Our team analyzes and identifies potential issues that may dull the audio or minimize image quality. We design a system that compensates for the problems areas and accentuates the positive so that you always have the best seat in the house.

A Perfected Image

The centerpiece of any home theater is the image on screen; the story unfolds before our eyes here. The relationship and interaction between the screen and projector determine the quality of the video you see.

The video projector is the heart of the system, and its job is to create an image that blurs the boundaries between you and the characters on-screen. A true cinema projector generates the millions of true-to-life colors and the hues in between with the reality-bending depth of field modern films demand. Many models match or exceed the quality of professional theaters, producing both 4K ultra-high-definition (3,840x 2,160) and the stunning movie house 4K DCI (4096 x 2160).

Sound That Immerses You

The famed director Alfred Hitchcock once stated that a truly good film's storyline should be understood without sound. This bit of movie craft technique may be valid, but without sound, the characters and plot fall flat. It is the precisely designed audio that makes it an immersive experience.

We navigate our world using the cues from our senses, and sound plays a crucial part in this. We get a sense of the size of a room from how it sounds and react to danger based on which direction we hear it from. Filmmakers and sound designers use this innate sense to help produce an emotional response or build creeping anticipation.

The surround sound element works to envelop you in a multi-dimensional audio field, mimicking our natural listening. You hear the character in the space they inhabit on screen, their voice coming from the left or the building collapsing just behind.

Your Seat, The Best Seat

Are you ready enjoy the best seat in the house in your own theater? Imagine reclining in your custom chair, the lights dimming, and your sound and screen coming to life as the adventure is about to begin.

We are experts in making your home theater an experiential event every time. Call us at 503-224-9400 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation or schedule a visit to our complete showroom.

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