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How to Make a Better Home Office

Get More Work Done with Strong Home Networking

How to Make a Better Home Office

Whether you work from home or just need a workspace to take care of the monthly bills, your office should encourage more efficient work. If your home networking system is not reliable, you’re going to find yourself wasting time while pages load or documents download. Developing a robust Wi-Fi is the first step to a better home office, but how do you do that? In this article, we’re providing a guide to building a better network in your Portland, OR home--and a few other smart techniques--to make a better office space. Continue reading to learn more. 

Better Wi-Fi Networking

As you add more wireless devices to your daily routine, have you taken the time to improve your home networking and Wi-Fi? The equipment that your internet provider brings to your home is probably not robust enough, especially if you utilize smart home technologies. Below, we have four suggestions for improving your connection and thus making your work time more efficient.

  • A New Router: Routers, like all technologies, are constantly evolving. New laptops, desktops and other wireless office tools work best with the latest router technology. If you haven’t updated your equipment in several years, it’s probably time for an upgrade.
  • Change the Channel: When selecting a new router, you’ll want one with dual-band capabilities. You can think of having two frequencies like adding an extra lane to traffic. When one frequency has a traffic jam, you can simply move to the other lane and experience less lag time.
  • Expand Your Network: The strength of your signal largely depends on your proximity to the access point (in this case, your router). By adding more access points throughout your home, you can avoid any dead zones and improve your overall connection. One of our favorite solutions is a mesh network, which depends on the interplay of several nodes that relay data throughout your home. Your network professional will build a map of these nodes for best results.
  • Incorporate Wired Solutions: For areas like your home office, you’ll want to make sure your connection is strong. While Wi-Fi is a necessity for many devices, consider hard wiring your work computer for a more consistent connection.

Design Your Office Space

Once your home networking is up to snuff, you can focus on optimizing the rest of your work space. Lighting can have a big impact on your work space. Maybe you’re primarily using your home office in the evenings to finish up some extra work or pay the bills. During these hours, the natural light can be a bit unstable. Lighting control can help keep a consistent level of illumination without distracting you. Using a solar sensor, you can program your lights to dim up as the sun sets.

Perhaps you enjoy a little background noise while you work. A smart home audio system allows you to use a smartphone to select your favorite music, podcast, or radio program and adjust the volume from your desk. Plus, a professional installation means great sound not just in the office but throughout your whole home if you desire.

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Better home networking means you won’t be waiting on technology to complete your work. Plus, you can trust that the rest of your smart technologies will work effectively and consistently. Contact Encore Audio Video today to learn more about improving your connection. 

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