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Get Big Sound and Big Picture in Your Home Media Room

Learn 2 high-end solutions that can help you achieve theater-like sound and picture quality in your home media room

Get Big Sound and Big Picture in Your Home Media Room

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your media room or home theater equipment. As we continue to spend more time at home in Portland, OR, and make use of home entertainment systems, Encore Audio Video is here with a few suggestions on how you can upgrade your system to achieve big, theater-like audio and video. Keep reading to learn 2 solutions you can integrate into your media room design!

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A Laser Projector

Many people want a projector and screen in their home theater or media room because it mimics the display format of a commercial theater. But here’s the deal: size is much (much) less important than picture quality when designing a home entertainment system.

We’ve seen some fantastic advancements in projector technology over the past few years. And for people who want it all, now you can have it: laser projectors give you the big screen plus the stunning picture quality. Projectors using laser technology turn on and off instantly (like a TV) and don’t overheat like lamp projectors do. Now you can have uninterrupted movie marathons without cooling off breaks. A significant downside of a traditional lamp projector is that color and brightness fades over time. Laser projectors display high-quality picture with consistent brightness, wider color ranges and better contrast.

The average laser projector lasts for anywhere between 20,000-30,000 hours before it needs replacement, while a lamp projector needs a new bulb every 3,000 hours. Laser projectors are low-maintenance, energy-efficient and have a much higher lifetime value than traditional projectors. Additionally, many laser projectors on the market are ultra-short throw, meaning they can be placed closer to the screen and still produce the right size image. That makes them a flexible solution for incorporating into any size media room or home theater.   

A Preamplifier and Amplifier

Our most important piece of advice regarding media room or home theater design is this: don’t take shortcuts with sound quality. Sound quality makes or breaks the cinematic experience and determines whether you’re just watching a movie or immersed in the action. If you’re looking for a solution to fulfill the audiophile’s dream, consider investing in a separate preamplifier and amplifier to power your audio instead of an AV receiver.

Why buy separate components when most home theater receivers include a preamplifier and amplifier? Because when you separate the functions, you allow each part to perform its primary function really, really well. In this case, the preamplifier can focus on processing audio/video signals, removing distortions and sending the signals to the amplifier. After that, the amp can use all its power to drive audio signals to your speakers and produce sound. The result is rich, high-fidelity sound that delivers an immersive audio experience for movie nights.

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