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4 Ways Networking Improves the Home Office Experience

A secure home network can help you stay productive while you work from home

4 Ways Networking Improves the Home Office Experience

By now, those of us working from home in Portland, OR, have started learning the pros and cons of remote work. While it’s enjoyable to spend less time commuting and more time with the kids in the evenings, working from home comes with a whole new set of challenges that you probably haven’t faced while working in an office.

Home networking is a significant pain point for teleworkers. Slow, weak or unreliable internet connection can cause considerable stress due to lagging video conferences and slow document uploads. But with the right network, your home office can become a less stressful and more productive space. Keep reading to learn how!

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1. Increased Security

Airtight security features can give you peace of mind when you’re handling sensitive company documents at home. Unsecured networks are vulnerable to hacking from people who can access your passwords and steal data from your work email, internal company documents and company programs that store client information.

Protect yourself and your employers by creating a unique username and password for your home network and installing or updating security features like the latest router firmware, VPNs and firewall protections. At Encore Audio Video, we build network systems using enterprise-grade equipment and firewalls to ensure your connections are always safe and reliable.

2. Faster, More Reliable Internet Connection

Internet speed and reliability are essential when you’re completing work tasks and working under deadlines at home. There’s no worse feeling than missing a project deadline because your wireless signals were too weak to upload the necessary documents online successfully.

At Encore Audio Video, we can build a robust networking system with high-speed connectivity to meet all your needs. Depending on how you use your network, we can customize with increased bandwidth and wireless access points to expand your wireless coverage and improve network efficiency.

3. The Ability to Manage Multiple Devices

Your work computer isn’t the only device you have on your home network. It’s only one component on an overloaded system that’s responsible for personal computers and internet browsing, streaming services for music and TV and your home automation platform and connected smart devices.

If your network is weak or out of date, you may experience lagging and slow connections at work when your kids are watching Netflix on TV. At Encore Audio Video, we can help you determine which technologies should be connected on your network and create a strong, robust infrastructure that supports multiple active devices without impeding connection speed or device function.

4. Scalability

The right home network will be able to grow and adapt with you. As you become more comfortable working from home, you may decide to integrate video conferencing equipment, smart human-centric lighting and voice control into your home office.

Know that with a custom network solution from Encore Audio Video, you can do all that and more without sacrificing speed, reliability or security. Our solutions are scalable, flexible and built with tomorrow’s technology in mind.  

If you’re ready to upgrade your home networking solution, then let’s talk. At Encore Audio Video, we’re also happy to answer any questions you may have or give you our expert networking tips. We proudly serve customers in the Portland, OR, area and you can reach us by calling 503-224-9400 or filling out a contact form. We also have live chat so you can speak to a representative right away using the chatbox in the righthand corner of your screen.

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