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A 4K TV From Sony Offers an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

Experience Shows and Sports Like Never Before with Technology That Focuses on How and Where You Watch

A 4K TV From Sony Offers an Unsurpassed Viewing Experience

What creates a superior viewing experience in your Portland, OR home? While a great media room can inspire you to sit down and watch, if the audio-video technology cannot exceed your expectations, the experience is lacking. The right 4K TV makes all the difference.

At Encore Audio Video, we cannot stop looking at the latest offerings from Sony. The company, known for its high-end AV products, has unveiled new features and cognitive processing to its TV line. All of this means that you will get unparalleled image quality.

Keep reading to see how Sony's newest cutting-edge TV can take your smart home entertainment to the next level.

Make Your Home More Connected to Nature

Bring Balance to Your Day and Improve Your Health with a Smart Home Based on Biophilia

Make Your Home More Connected to Nature

Modern technology has brought many benefits, revolutionizing how we work, play, and live. The luxury and convenience of your smart home allow you to enjoy media from around the world in the highest quality audio and video, transporting you to other worlds and dimensions. 

With all the advances connecting us to people and ideas, we can suffer from a disconnection from the natural world around us. Without regular exposure to the outside world and its cycles, our general outlook, emotions, and general well-being suffer.

Enter the design concept of biophilia. When applied by forward-thinking architects, designers, and AV integrators can make your Portland, OR home happier, healthier, and better integrated with nature. Are you looking for a better way to connect? Continue reading to learn more. 


Experience A More Connected and Balanced Lifestyle With Human-centric Illumination For Your Luxury Home


Light is a fundamental element of your daily life; it shapes the way you see the world, colors perceptions, and directly affects your general wellness. In the past, lighting design for the home focused on the utilitarian aspects of lighting your way and control based on saving energy. Unfortunately, this overly narrow focus disconnects you from the benefits of natural sunlight and how the right lighting lifts the spirit.

The daily cycle of the sun, from the hushed hues of the morning, the clarity of mid-day brightness, and the warm colors of the evening, are instilled in our evolutionary biology. Integrating these natural rhythms using circadian lighting creates a dramatic change in how you live, work, and rest.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of what circadian lighting can do for your Portland, OR home? Continue reading to learn more.

How Hunter Douglas Has Revolutionized Motorized Shades

Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades and Smart Home Automation Make Managing a Home Easy

How Hunter Douglas Has Revolutionized Motorized Shades

As leading smart home integrators that utilize only the finest products and smart home technology, we’ve found a premier partner in Hunter Douglas for motorized shades in Portland, OR. By working with the world's leading manufacturer of window treatments, we know we're providing our clients a best-in-class product when it comes to window coverings.

Besides beauty and an extensive fabric selection, let’s take a look at the many benefits and features found in Hunter Douglas motorized shades.