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What Are the Benefits of a Truly Connected Smart Home?

Embrace a Solution That Gets All Your Technology Working Together

What Are the Benefits of a Truly Connected Smart Home?

Many smart devices are revolutionizing home technology, from lightbulbs that switch to your desired settings with a tap on your smarphone to wireless speakers that play music anywhere in the house. Getting a hold of all of these brand-new features is tempting for homeowners in Camas, WA, but are they the best choice?

Did you know there’s a big difference between smart devices and total home automation? Devices on their own may come with some benefits, but it’s when you bring them all together that you genuinely transform your lifestyle.

Seamlessly manage your devices and get them working together to simplify your daily routines, boost your home's security, and become a better host. As you read this blog, you'll learn why a total home automation system is the best way to embrace the latest smart technology.

How to Prep for Football Season with the Latest 4K Technology

Enjoy Dynamic, Detailed Images That Transform Your Viewing Experience

How to Prep for Football Season with the Latest 4K Technology

Each year as summer ends, we have one thing to give us solace: the return of the NFL and college football seasons. Do you want to upgrade your media room for football season but don’t know where to start? No upgrade will have a more significant impact than embracing 4K video resolution.

Although not all college and pro games will be available in 4K, even standard HD resolution is upscaled for better quality using 4K technology. Having the right equipment in your Portland, OR, home will make all the difference, which is why this blog highlights the top 4K TVs, projectors and receivers. You’ll enjoy crisp, vibrant images that will make you wonder how you made it so long settling for high definition.

5 Reasons It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business AV

Avoid These Common Issues When It Comes to Your Commercial Audio Video

5 Reasons It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business AV

Does your business’ commercial audio video system tend to work against you at the worst possible times? Either a presentation won’t show up on the screen, participants can’t see what’s on it—or worst of all—you have to suffer through painful audio feedback. A lot of times, it’s just pure bad luck, but other times businesses are setting themselves up to fail.

Not only can be it that you're using the wrong equipment, but sometimes it's merely not appropriately installed. Other times, the problem is that you're using a solution that's not appropriate for your company needs. Even though many of these issues pertain to an office environment, businesses throughout Lake Oswego, OR including restaurants and retail stores could benefit from these upgrades.

Thinking About a Custom Home Theater?

Here Are the 4 Top Things to Consider

Thinking About a Custom Home Theater?

Have you always longed for a completely custom home theater for your Portland home? Maybe the timing was never quite right because of competing priorities. Now your moment has come, and you’re ready to make your dream into a reality.

As you investigate it, all the options for a home theater space may seem a bit daunting. What kind of seating do I want? Do I need special lighting? What kind of speakers should I get? Should it look like an actual theater or go with the rest of my home’s décor?

There is no correct answer for any of these questions: The answers lie in what you want out of your home theater. You can do it yourself, but you are better off with a professional like Encore Audio Video. We are experts in home theater and media room design and installation, and we can guide you through every step of the process toward getting the theater of your dreams. With that in mind, let’s discuss four areas you’ll want to consider to help you make sense of the options.