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Transform Your Life with Whole-Home Automation

Enhance Your Everyday Lifestyle with the Latest Technology

Transform Your Life with Whole-Home Automation

If you’ve seen smart homes on TV or in film, you might have good reason to shy away. Sometimes, these intelligent homes take over, causing homeowners to rush out or remain locked in as they battle against unseen technology. Rest assured, this is Hollywood at its finest—smart homes are not only safe but the pinnacle of luxury.

Today’s smart systems are designed to make life easier, more comfortable, and much more enjoyable. A whole-home automation system takes that comfort to the next level, managing every aspect of your intelligent home while providing the best home entertainment. 

Let’s explore the possibilities for your Oswego, WA, home.

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Controlling Your Smart Home

When you think of a smart home, your mind may conjure up lights controlled with the tap of a button and shades that you can raise or lower from the couch. And while this is a small aspect of this technology, whole-home automation offers much more. 

All your devices and systems—from your irrigation to your pool and spa, entertainment devices, door locks, security cameras, fans, thermostats, fireplaces, and lighting and shades—are connected to your home automation platform. This platform enables our team to program your home to respond to every demand, whether by tapping an icon on a beautiful high-resolution touchscreen, a verbal request, or automated programming based on the time of day or your location.

Your Smart Home in Action

We can create custom scenes that change your lighting, AV, climate, and security by pressing a button. One touch can ignite the fireplace, change the lighting to a soft amber, and stream John Legend’s “All of Me.” 

Because your home is now an ecosystem of integrated devices, they respond simultaneously and, at times, like the domino effect. The shades rise to bring in the soft morning light, the temperature adjusts as the sunlight warms a room, and the lights dim as the diffuse sunlight brightens the space. 

The Possibilities in Home Entertainment

A smart home does away with searching for remotes for your many entertainment devices. And it takes this entertainment to the next level while retaining your home’s design. 

Distributed AV systems deliver stunning images and breathtaking sound throughout your home. Media rooms use hidden technology to create masterful audio-video experiences while keeping the equipment tucked away until ready for use. There are nearly limitless options to consider when enhancing your home’s entertainment. And you can enjoy one-touch and voice-controlled TVs and music in every room.

Working with Encore Audio Video

For over 30 years, we’ve transformed homes into customized smart homes, creating spaces that bring fun, ease of living, and delight. Whether your home is in the building phase, has been part of the neighborhood for years, is a small bungalow, or a large estate, we can infuse whole-home automation in such a way that it inspires and astonishes you every day. To learn more about the many options in smart home automation and home entertainment or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Encore Audio Video today.