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The Future Is Here with Control4 Smart Home Automation

How Does Smart Home Technology Change Your Life?

The Future Is Here with Control4 Smart Home Automation

Do you dream of the ease and convenience found in the Jetsons’ futuristic home? The 1962 series featured the home of 2062, with space-age appliances that made food and flying cars. We’re not quite there yet when it comes to flying cars, but even the Jetsons might be impressed at some of the smart technology we have today.

From lights that automate to your every wish to personalized home entertainment settings at the touch of a button, the Control4 smart home solutions provide tried and true smart home technology that is definitely worthy of being labeled “the future.”

Experience for yourself some Jetsons-style smart home automation, available right now, for your home in Lake Oswego, OR. No need to wait until 2062! Simply submit your comment or question in chat box at the bottom of your screen and a Certified Showroom Professional will respond.


Control4 has pioneered high-end, innovative lifestyle automation solutions, making them a leader in smart home technology today. For an example of their smart home options, just imagine this: After a busy day of work, shuttling kids to after-school activities, and a quick trip to the grocery store, you pull into the garage. A sensor in the garage knows you’re home. A preprogrammed “welcome home” scene illuminates the garage and the hallway to the kitchen, then turns on the overhead lights in the kitchen and family room. The alarm has been disarmed. You like a little soft background music to unwind after a long day, which automatically starts when you walk in the door.

After putting away the groceries in the refrigerator, you tell the kids to start their homework at their desks in the upstairs nook. You have a Control4 touchscreen controller in the kitchen and a minimalistic camera upstairs, allowing you to keep an eye on the kids to ensure they’re really doing homework and not playing video games. All you have to do is bring the video up on the touchscreen. 

You decide to start dinner. You go to the controller and hit the “cooking” scene button. The kitchen island lights increase to full intensity, the pantry is illuminated, and all the under-cabinet lights come on. Your kitchen TV turns on straight to the Food Network channel, replacing the music over the kitchen speakers.

A few minutes into the dinner recipe, the doorbell rings. You bring up a video feed of the front door on the touchscreen (the TV automatically mutes) and ask over the built-in intercom what is the purpose of the visit. It is a solicitation, and so you politely tell the person you are busy and cannot talk. After closing the front door video, you get back to making dinner and the sound on the TV resumes.

Now dinner is ready, and you call everyone down for dinner. You walk over to a keypad in the lighting area and hit a button for “dinner” which turns down some of the kitchen brightness and sets the lights to a relaxing level for dinner. If the kitchen TV is still on, it’s turned off by the same action. 

Later, after the kids are in bed, you decide to take a short soak in the outside spa.  You hit a button on the controller for the “spa” scene, which starts the spa heater to warm it to your preferred temperature. In a few minutes—when the spa is heated—the outside lights will be softly lit and the relaxing spa playlist plays on the outdoor patio speakers. 

After the long day is over, it’s time to head to bed. At your bedside is a keypad with a “goodnight” button. When you press it, a set of outside lights are turned on, the spa heater is turned off, the hallways and stairwell leading to the kitchen are dimly lit, any AV systems are turned off, the smart locks to outside doors are locked, and the alarm is set. 

If for some reason you can’t sleep, you may want to watch a little TV. A button on the remote by your bed tunes the TV to your specified channel and sets the soundbar to the right input and volume for nighttime. You usually fall asleep to a show, and so a timer you’ve previously set is automatically started that turns off the TV in 60 minutes.

If you’re looking for this kind of futuristic lifestyle today, let us show you how! Visit our Control4 Certified Showroom to experience smart home automation for yourself. Let us know you’re interested in the chat box at the bottom of your screen and a Certified Showroom Professional will respond.

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