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Get Your Home Football Season Ready

Create an Engaging Viewing Experience with a Home Audio Video System

Get Your Home Football Season Ready

Fall is here, and with it – so is another, arguably more important, season.  You might join in the fun to see two rivals go toe-to-toe, or merely to eat your neighbor’s famous buffalo chicken dip.  Either way, watching football is an immersive experience.  And now with our home audio video installations, you can have the ultimate tailgate party in your Camas, WA home that has you practically feeling that energetic wind from the stadium whether you’re watching the Seahawks or Huskies.

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Quality Viewing for a Quality Team

Upgrade from the living room standard television setup, and watch the best plays on your own private home theater system.  It’s 4K Ultra HD or bust, and there is no going back once your friends have had a glimpse of it on your flat screen or projector. You’ll be able to see the instant the ball crosses the goal line. Meanwhile, our controlled room lighting and special acoustic treatments guarantee that nothing outside of the game will disturb you.  With luxurious seating, you and your pals can sit back, shout fight songs, and enjoy.

Take the Party Outside

Feeling the itch for that scent of burgers on the grill and the scenic autumn leaves scattered across the lawn?  There is no need to stay inside when outdoor entertainment systems are easier than ever to install.  Multiple technology solutions ensure that the outside elements do not interfere with the awaited half-time show. Watch from a flat screen that can withstand the turbulent weather and the sun’s harsh rays, and listen from speakers and stereos that blend seamlessly into your backyard’s décor.

Not One Screen, but Many

Football season means there are more games than there is time to watch them all.  You might have a beloved team, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other showdowns you would like to keep updated with as well. When your game is at a lull, check in on another from a different screen.  Hop from one to the next with a push of a button, changing views and volume with ease, so everyone can keep up with the fluctuating scores.

Start football season off right with our home audio video installations in your Camas, WA home.  Contact Encore Audio Video by calling us at (503) 224-9400 or online through our contact page.

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