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Encore Audio Video Presents: Bring the Comforts of Home Outdoors

Listen to our recent podcast on Northwest Business radio show, where we discuss tips for outdoor entertainment design

Encore Audio Video Presents: Bring the Comforts of Home Outdoors

With summer right around the corner, Encore Audio Video’s Jeff Grove and Clark von Trotha hit the airwaves on the Northwest Business radio show to talk about how to design amazing outdoor entertainment in Portland, OR.

Keep reading to hear what Grove and von Trotha had to say about speaker placement, TV choices and why you should consider having your outdoor system professionally installed. You can (and should) also listen to the podcast yourself by clicking the link below.

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Your Indoor Audio Video Equipment Won’t Work Outdoors

When you move your entertainment outside, there’s a whole new set of factors to consider, according to Grove and von Trotha. A few Bluetooth speakers perched on the eaves of your house will have inadequate coverage and direct too much sound away from listeners and toward the neighbor’s house.

Instead, a great outdoor solution is an array of speakers placed throughout your backyard space. More speakers will provide better sound quality, even coverage and a more pleasing aesthetic. Many outdoor speakers are weatherproof and designed to blend into the surrounding landscape for a barely-there look.

Like with speakers, choose a TV designed to be outdoors year-round. Encore Audio Video sells products that can withstand temperature ranges from -10 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and have brighter screens that are visible and glare-free in full sunlight. Grove and von Trotha can also help you select the right screen for you, with options ranging from 4K 65-inch TVs to inflatable projector screens for the movie theater experience. 

How a Professional Service Can Help

The team at Encore Audio Video is always available to brainstorm design ideas and tips if you want to embark on a DIY project. We’re here to help you in any way possible — even if we don’t do the complete install. But there are a few benefits to hiring a professional integrator for outdoor installations, say Grove and von Trotha.

First, integrators will evaluate the entire area to design a system that meets your needs and matches your space. Because every home is different, your integrator can help you determine how many speakers you need for the best sound quality and the amplifier, receiver and wiring solutions your system may require. Your integrator can also help place weatherproof wireless access points in your backyard to extend your Wi-Fi coverage so you can bring your favorite streaming services outside. Most likely, signals from the router inside won’t cover your outdoor space.

How Automation Brings It All Together

For Grove and von Trotha, the key to stellar outdoor entertainment is an automation platform. The techs at Encore Audio Video can design your outdoor system to integrate with the same automation platform that controls your indoor systems. The goal is to extend the same one-touch control via a smartphone or tablet into your outdoor sphere to simplify the entertainment experience.

Let us help you with your next home automation project in Portland, OR. We design and install custom solutions to match your space, budget and aesthetic requirements. We’re also available for free consultations if you’re spearheading a DIY project and need tips or ideas.

Give us a call at 503-224-9400 or fill out our online contact form so we can discuss your upcoming project. And for more great insights from our team, subscribe to our podcast! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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